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Foods to Avoid for Turtles

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Although many people feed their turtles lettuce and celery it has little or no nutritional value that will benefit your turtle. Dark, leafy greens are usually the best option for turtles. Tortoises that are allowed to graze outdoors and forage for their own food will likely receive the best diet. Keep in mind that all species of turtles have their own requirements for food so be sure to review our turtle care sheets first.

Avoid feeding your turtle any food which has a high level of salt. Most food that is available in the supermarket is too high in salt for turtles.

Any food that is too high in fat. This includes canned dog and cat food. Hamburger meat and ground beef in general is also too high in fat content for your turtle. Feeding your turtle these types of food can quickly lead to the turtle gaining excess weight.

Rhubarb and spinach is very high in oxalic acids. This prevents proper calcium absorbtion which can lead to bone disease in your turtle. There is nothing wrong with feeding your turtles these items in small quantities just do not make it a primary part of their diet. You can read more about this and other turtle diseases in our health section.


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