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Vitamin Deficiency

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If your turtle has a lack of UVB light it will be unable to absorb a sufficient amount of calcium. This can lead to softened and even deformed bones. Ensure that your turtle always has an ample supply of UVB rays either from direct sunlight or a UVB light. The turtles shell is made out of bone and since the shell is a vital part of their body, calcium is extremely important to them.

Vitamin deficiencies can also occur when a turtle does not have a balanced diet. Each turtle has its own diet requirements which should be monitored and adjusted as needed. Nutritional deficiencies can often result in vitamin deficiencies.

Visit our turtle care sheets for more specific information regarding your turtle. These care sheets provide detailed feeding information about what foods to use as the staple in your turtles diet, what foods to feed in moderation and what foods to avoid. Providing your turtle with a proper diet will virtually eliminate the possibility of vitamin deficiencies.


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