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Swollen Eyes

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Infections are the most common cause of swollen eyes in your turtle. A lack of Vitamin A is usually to blame. Without the proper intake of Vitamin A your turtle will be very susceptible to infections caused by bacteria. The immune system of turtles relies heavily upon Vitamin A, and this may be a sign of a vitamin deficiency.

If you catch the condition early enough providing your turtle with an increase in Vitamin A can usually cause the swelling to subside. Be careful not to give your turtle too much Vitamin A to try to combat the illness because too many vitamins are not a good thing either. Turtles and reptiles in general are very sensitive to sudden changes in their diet.

If after a week or so the condition has not improved a trip to the veternarian should be scheduled for further action. The reasoning for taking your turtle to the veterinarian is that it may be something more serious than simply a lack of Vitamin A.


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