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Swollen Ears

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Respiratory problems are most often the cause of swollen ears in turtles. Slightly swollen ears on their own are usually nothing to be concerned about. It is the underlying condition that caused this problem that you will need to worry about.

If this is left untreated the ears will likely continue to swell. When this happens the ear canal of the turtle may need to be surgically opened to facilitate removal of the pus which will have accumulated in the ear. Antibiotics are then provided to cure the respiratory infection or disease. The recovery time for this procedure can be quite lengthy. Water turtles will have the most trouble because you will likely need to keep them out of the water while the initial healing is in progress. Obviously it is much easier to catch this early on and provide treatment for your turtle than it is to put your turtle through surgery.

The swollen ears of the turtle are probably the least of your concerns as it is generally a sign of something larger, and the devastating nature of respiratory infections require the turtle to be looked at immediately.


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