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Shell Rot

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Infections, malnutrition and injury to the shell are common causes of shell rot in turtles. Infections to the shell can be caused by fungi or bacteria that has gotten into the shell. At times shell rot will occur in the shells of healthy water turtles, in this case low water quality is usually the cause.

Treatment generally involves antibiotics and the application of Vitamin A, which is why it is important to contact your veternarian immediately if you suspect your turtle has shell rot. Also, ensure that the quality of the water that the turtle lives in is of a high quality so that the condition does not persist.

It may be necessary to completely replace the water in its habitat. If you do suspect that dirty water was to blame it is suggested that you disinfect and replace all the objects in the turtles habitat. This is because even though you have replaced the water with clean water, bacteria may still exist in the land portion of the enclosure and can then spread to the fresh water.


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