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Severed Limbs

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If your turtle has had a limb severed due to an injury there is not much that you can do besides allow it to heal. Usually the turtle will be able to heal effectively on its own, just ensure that the area is clean. Any part that is unable to heal due to the severity of the injury will likely shirvle up and fall off.

Turtles do not have the ability to regrow their body parts unlike some other animals. For example, some lizards can actually regrow their tail if it has been severed.

The most important thing that you can do is provide it with a clean and cool place for the first few days to allow it to rest and begin to heal. Infections are very common with severed limbs so keep the wound clean at all times. The turtle will most likely be feeling a great deal of stress after this kind of an injury so be sure to handle it only when necessary. You will need to monitor its activities very closely over the next few days to ensure it is handling the situation alright.

In the future the turtle will need to adapt to the loss of one or more of its limbs. Aquatic turtles will have the most difficulty as they may have trouble swimming with one less leg. In these cases you may need to make the water shallower to ensure that it does not drown.

If the injury worsens it will be necessary to take your turtle to a veternarian. The veterinarian can properly dress the wound and give you advice as to how you can ensure a smooth and swift recovery.


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