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Respiratory Disease

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If your turtle appears to have trouble breathing this is a definite sign of a respiratory disease. The turtle may appear be opening its mouth wider than normal when it is breathing. This happens because the turtle is having trouble getting a sufficient intake of air. Swollen ears, swollen eyes and a runny nose are also all signs of a respiratory infection.

Ensuring a warm habitat can help to avoid these situations occuring again in the future. If the habitat is already warm enough your turtle should be taken to a veterinarian to determine the cause and make suggestions for recuperation.

Since respiratory dieseases are highly contagious amongst turtles it is important to catch signs of this disease early on to limit the spread of infection. Respiratory diseases form from both viral and bacterial infections.

This disease causes particular damage to Ornate Box Turtles but obviously can negatively affect turtles of all kinds. No matter what type of turtle you have you will want to have their respiratory issues taken care of immediately. A trained veterinarian can assist you in doing this and provide the appropriate medication if necessary. Occasionally when the disease gets bad enough surgery is required to save the turtle.


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