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Nutritional Deficiencies

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Nutritional Deficiencies in turtles can be very harmful and are caused by not eating properly and receiving an inadequate supply of vitamins. It will cause your turtle to become not only physically weak but also weak at resisting other diseases. Parasites and bacteria take advantage of this and will make a home in your turtle. If this condition is prolonged it could cause serious damage to your turtle and be potentially fatal.

All turtles require some degree of variety in their diet. This is because no food exists that can provide your turtle will all the vitamins that they need. Vitamin deficiencies commonly accompany nutritional deficiencies if your turtle is not given a proper diet. Without variety it is also likely that your turtle will exhibit a lack of appetite.

Review proper feeding procedures for your type of turtle and if the problem persists take the turtle to a veterinarian. Our turtle care sheets can provide you with a good starting point when determining proper feeding techniques for your turtle. It may take a while for your turtle to completely return to good health but if you correct their diet the effects of the nutritional deficiencies will eventually subside.


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