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Drowned Turtles

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If you believe that your turtle has drowned it may still be alive but unconscious. Turtles cannot be under the water without oxygen for a long time so it is important to act quickly.

Take hold of the turtle's head just behind its ears and extend the neck outwards completely. Then, turn the turtle so that its head is at the ground and its tail in the air. You can then open its mouth and some water should drip out. The best way to remove the remaining water is to extend the turtle's legs straight out and then push them back in. Repeating this process should expell the remaining water.

It will then be necessary to take your turtle to your veternarian so that they can administer antibiotics and oxygen if needed to ensure a smooth recovery. The turtle will need plenty of rest afterwards while it is recovering and it is recommended that you do not handle it unless absolutely necessary during this time.


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