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Blood Parasites in Turtles

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In addition to common internal and external parasites, there are parasites that live in the red blood cells of turtles. They will also infect and make their homes in a turtle's plasma. The parasites that infect the blood of turtles are almost the same as the ones that can cause malaria in humans.

Turtles which are already ill are in the most harm as that is when blood parasites are able to cause the most damage to their already weakened immune system. Nutritional deficiencies already present in turtles makes it the easiest for blood parasites to inflict their damage.

A blood test is usually required to detect these types of parasites. The results will clearly indicate as to whether there is a parasite present in your turtles blood or if something else may be wrong with it. Treatment of this type of a disease in your turtle must be done right away although treatment may not always be possible. Therefore, seeking veterinarian advice as soon as possible is necessary for your turtle.


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