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Bites & External Injuries

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If your turtle has become unconscious as a result of its injury it will be immediately necessary to provide oxygen to it in an attempt to revive the turtle. Bites from other animals can cause considerable damage to your turtle. Beware that if your turtle lives in an aquatic or even semi-aquatic environment that it may drown if it is unconscious.

If the turtles wound appears to be bleeding heavily it will be necessary to stop the flow of blood. You can do so by putting the turtle in a cool place and soaking up the blood with a clean towel. It is then recommended that you use hydrogen peroxide on the wound to ensure it is clean. This will also help to greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Over the next couple of days it will be necessary to leave your turtle in a cool place as it may be in shock. This shock is very similar to what a human may experience after they have been badly injured. Ensure that the wound is clean until it heals completely. You can do so by again using hydrogen peroxide.

If the wound does not appear to be getting better over a period of a few days you should seek veterinarian assistance. You may need to make modifications to the turtles habitat to ensure that there is nothing in there that can get into the wound. Reducing the risk of infection and ensuring that the would begins to heal should be your primary concerns after your turtle has been injured or cut.


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