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Turtle Diseases & Health


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Occasionally your turtle may become ill. Use our Turtle Diseases section to find out what may be wrong and what to do about it. Always consult a veternarian if you fear your turtle may be seriously ill or if its illness prolongs.
- Algae Growth - Nutritional Deficiencies
- Bites & External Injuries - Respiratory Disease
- Blood Parasites - Severed Limbs
- Drowned Turtles - Shell Rot
- Eye Disorders - Skin Shedding
- Lack of Appetite - Swollen Ears
- Mites & Ticks - Swollen Eyes
  - Vitamin Deficiency
In general water turtles are more susceptible to diseases that involve fungi and algae because they spend most of their day submerged in the water. With these turtles you must take extra care to ensure that their water is clean at all times.

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