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Turtle Definitions

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Anterior In a direction towards the front of the turtles shell (towards its head)
Basking When a turtle lies in the sun or artificial light to warm up
Brumation Another term used to describe hibernation
Caudal The area where the tail connects to the turtle
Chelonian Chelonia is a member from the order of Reptiles and it contains turtles
Habitat The area where the turtle occurs naturally
Juvenile A turtle which is not yet reached the level of sexual maturity
Necrosis Refers to tissue on the turtle that is no longer alive
Scute The scales which cover a turtle or reptile
Subcutaneous Refers to something (usually mites or ticks) that is below the surface of the turtles skin
Terrapin A term used for turtles which are mostly aquatic
Tortoise A term used for turtles which spend most of their time on land.

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