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Spider Tortoise

Pyxis arachnoides

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Spider tortoises get their name due to the unique pattern on their shell resembling a spider web.

Lifespan: Up to 50 years.
Estimated Size: Up to 6"
Natural Location: Madagascar

Feeding & Water

A Spider Tortoise requires a 100% herbivorous diet. You can feed them just about any type of fruit or vegetable that has been diced into small pieces. Tomatoes, berries, squash, apples, mushrooms and lettuce all make great choices. A large variation of food should be provided to give your tortoise a good selection.

Clean water must always be provided for your Spider Tortoise to drink from. They will also use it to bathe in so it must be changed regularly.


Temperature & Lighting

An average humidity level of 77% is recommended for all Spider Tortoises.

The hardest part about maintaining a Spider Tortoise is providing the proper humidity and temperature levels. In the wild these tortoises experience large temperature variations. To care for them properly means you must also mimic these temperature variations, but that can be very difficult to do in captivity. The lower end of the temperature scale would be about 55 degrees F all the way up to 85 degrees F.



In comparison to other tortoises and turtles, Spider Tortoises do not tend to need a large area in which to live. You can easily house a half dozen or even more in an enclosure the size of your average bathtub.

As mentioned above it is incredibly important to provide Spider Tortoises with an appropriate temperature gradient and a relatively high humidity.


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