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Russian Tortoise

Testudo horsfieldii

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In our Turtle Picture Gallery we feature a few Russian Tortoise pictures.
Natural Location: Asia (Russia, Ukraine and parts of China)
Lifespan: Up to 100 years
Estimated Size: 8" to 10"

Feeding & Water

Fruits contain a high level of sugar which has been known to cause digestive trouble in Russian Tortoises. For this reason fruits should be fed sparingly. Grasses such as dandelions and clover make up the primary food source for Russian Tortoises. Red leaf, and romaine lettuce are also excellent choices. Russian Tortoises require a large amount of calcium and fiber with low protein levels.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

A temperature gradient of 70 degrees F to 80 degrees F is recommended for Russian Tortoises. At night the temperature gradient should fall up to 5 degrees. During the day they will also need a warm basking area. As with all reptiles heat rocks are not the best idea for warm in the habitat as they can easily result in burns to your turtle.

As with all turtles UVA and UVB light are an integral part of proper bone and shell development. Consequently, Russian Tortoises should receive 10 to 12 hours per day of direct UVA/UVB light.



While in the wild Russian Tortoises generally live in relatively dry conditions. You should attempt to mimick this in their captive habitat. Any sort of dry substrate such as newsprint or outdoor carpet will be adequate.


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