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Painted Turtle

Chrysemys picta

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Painted Turtles live in ponds, marshes, swamps and creeks. Painted Turtles hibernate during the cold months by burying themselves in soft mud.

Painted Turtle Picture
Lifespan: 15 to 25 years
Estimated Size: 6" to 8"
Natural Location: Eastern USA

Feeding & Water

Feeding for Painted Turtles should only be done every other day, even if they seem to be begging for food in between. A Painted Turtles diet should consist of approximately 70% meat. The meat portion can come store-bought turtle food and fish. The fish should not be frozen, so either fresh-caught or live fish will do. Any sort of leafy, dark green vegetables will suffice for the remaining 30% of the Painted Turtles diet. Some sort of a multi-vitamin supplement containing Vitamin D3 can be applied to the food once or twice weekly to ensure a healthy turtle.


Temperature & Lighting

Air temperature should be kept between 85 degrees F and 89 degrees F in the basking area of your Painted Turtle. Even though Painted Turtles need an aquatic habitat, they still will need to come out of the water and bask in the light. This is important so that they can completely dry off and avoid diseases such as Shell Rot.

Water temperature should be in the 70 degrees F to 75 degrees F range.



For painted turtles you should provide them with an aquatic habitat. The minimum recommended depth of its water is approximately the width of the painted turtles shell.

You do not need to worry about a substrate as changing the water becomes very difficult with a substrate. Having some sort a filter in the water will maximize the allowable time between water changes.


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