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Turtles Picture

Turtles are one of the oldest animals on our planet, with traces going back to the time of the dinosaurs. Turtles belong to the Order Testudines. Most turtles have hard shells, created from their ribs, that acts as a sort of body armour. There are salt-water turtles, and fresh-water turtles
There are also both purely aquatic turtles and land dwelling turtles. Many of these magnificent reptiles are endangered. Our Turtles Gallery provides pictures of many different types of turtles. Terrapins are also covered throughout the turtles section.

Turtles Library

If you want general care information for turtles, the turtles library is where you will find it. The articles in here can apply to most, if not every, turtle out there.

Turtle Sections


Turtles Care Sheets

If you are thinking about buying a turtle, there is no better place to find a Care Sheet for your turtles than in our Turtle Care Sheets section. This is the best way to answer your questions about specific turtle species. They feature information about proper feeding, housing for turtles.

Turtle Pictures

Our Turtle picture gallery contains a large number of pages with pictures of individual turtle species. Many of these pictures come from our visitors who have pet turtles themselves or have captured pictures of turtles in the wild.

Additions to our Turtles section

May 08/07 Review our updated general turtle care articles.
May 01/07 The remaining turtle health issues have been updated.
Mar 19/07 New information is available in some of our Turtle Diseases.
Mar 15/07 We have updated more of our Turtle Diseases.
Mar 13/07 New information has been added in the Turtle Dieseases section.
Feb 06/07 More Turtle Pictures pages are in the process of being updated.
Jan 20/07 Our Turtle Pictures page has been updated with new turtles.
Jan 13/07 We have made some big changes to our Turtle Diseases pages and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks.
Jan 06/07 We have added information about Skin Shedding and turtles with a Lack of Appetite to our Turtles Diseases section.
Check back soon for new updates to our turtles section, because just like the rest of our websites plenty of updates go on in the turtles area.

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