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Yellow Clown Goby

Gobiodon okinawae

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Estimated Size: 3 to 4 centimeters
Natural Location: Western Pacific Ocean


The Yellow Clown Goby is a small fish with a bright yellow color. They feed on krill and other small plankton. They have also been known to scoop up the remains of what other fish have left behind after they are finished eating. These fish generally do not go out looking for food, instead they wait for the food to come to them.


In the wild the Yellow Clown Goby lives in the coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean. Many other gobys have been known to burrow in the ocean bottom but the Yellow Clown Goby is different in the sense that it does not burrow. When kept in captivity you should provide it lots of hiding places so that it feels secure.

Behavior and Temprament

The Yellow Clow Goby makes a good addition to community aquariums as it gets along well with most fish and due to its small size it is not a danger to the others. They can also be fun to watch as they dart around the aquarium on a regular basis. For these reasons they are an excellent choice for just about any tropical community aquarium.

Although they do exhibit schooling behavior it is generally in no more than a dozen. In an aquarium setting they enjoy having others of their own kind around.


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