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Guppy Jaguar Chilid Care Sheet

Poecilia reticulata

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Estimated Size: 2 1/2 inches
Natural Location: South America


The Guppy Jaguar Cichlid is found in a variety of conditions throughout its native location of South America. Because of its ability to handle a variety of conditions it is well suited to most community aquariums. A temperature in the range of 22 degrees C to 28 degrees C is ideal.


Any standard commercial cichlid food will suffice for the Guppy Jaguar. They love to eat and will rarely turn food down. For this reason you must be careful not to overfeed them as they likely will not stop eating until the food is gone. This can be dangerous to their health as they can quickly become overweight.

Behavior and Temprament

Their non-aggressive and colorful personality make Guppy Jaguar Cichlid's ideal for community tanks. They can easily co-exist in relatively large numbers and with diverse groups of species. For these reasons they have become one of the more popular Cichlids when it comes to community aquariums.

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