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Whitespot (Ichthyophtirius)

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Whitespot (Ichthyophtirius) is a very common disease in tropical fish. It most often occurs in new tanks or fish that have been recently added to a tank.

If your fish has whitespot it will have white spots primarily on their fins but also on their body. The fish will almost look like it has grains of salt covering its body. This is usually a result of poor water quality. You may wish to take a sample of the water from your aquarium to a pet store to have the quality checked.

Because of the commonality of this disease you should not have much problem finding medication at your local pet store. Increasing the temperature in the aquarium can also help alleviate this condition as it will speed up the cycle of the parasites. Be careful not to raise the temperature too high or it may get out of the acceptable range of your fish. You can take a look at our tropical fish info sheets for more information regarding temperature requirements of your fish species.


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