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Velvet Disease

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The symptoms of velvet disease (also known as Gold Dust disease) typically resemble that of whitespot. The skin of a fish infected with velvet disease will look like it has had a dark talcum powder sprinkled over it. These spots that appear on the fish are actually small parasites. Many times however the parasites are so small that you may not even see them until it is too late. The scales are one of the first areas that these parasites go after.

When velvet disease is first developing, the fish will likely seem lethergic and move much less than they usually do. You may also notice that the fish are having trouble breathing. If you notice the fish rubbing against objects in their aquarium this can also be a sign of velvet disease as the fish are attempting to rub off the parasites from their body.

These parasites rapidly multiply over the course of a few days. Velvet disease must be treated immediately, especially with younger fish. This is because younger fish have yet to fully develop their immune systems. Older and healthy fish may carry these parasites for a long time until they cause noticable detrimental effects to the fish. Either way you are always better off to remove the parasites immediately to avoid any further health complications.


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