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New Tank Syndrome

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Fish that die soon after being brought into a new environment have most likely fallen victim to new tank syndrome. There is not much that can be done to counteract this effect besides taking the proper precautions in ensuring that the tank and all items within it are sterile before any tropical fish are put into it. Even after you have had the aquarium for a while you will need to fully sterilize all new items that you intend to place in it. Also ensure that the temperature inside the tank is appropriate to what your species of fish requires.

Tropical fish are very sensitive to changes in their environment and changes obviously occur when you first bring them home or when you change tanks. It is nearly impossible to match the exact conditions in your own tank to the conditions that the fish lived in at the pet store.

A loss of appetite is the first sign that should be looked for when fish are placed into a new environment. Other than that, fish that have a case of new tank syndrome typically will appear very lethargic and move very little. As long as you are sure it is merely new tank syndrome and not another infection or parasite affecting the fish there is no reason to move the fish to a quarantine tank.


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