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Marine Ich

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Marine ich is caused by a growth of parasites in the aquarium. Many conditions in your fish can indicate a case of marine ich but the most common signs to look for are cloudy eyes, pale colored skin, cysts growing on the surface of the fish and a loss of appetite.

If you believe that you have a parasite problem you will need to purchase a solution from the pet store to treat it. Ensure that the product you are buying is copper based as they tend to work the best to alleviate parasite problems.

If after a few days you do not notice an improvement in your fish you may need to change the water in the aquarium. However, simply changing the water is not enough as the remaining items in the aquarium will likely still contain the parasites. You will need to thoroughly disinfect or replace everything in the aquarium. If this still does not cure the problem there is likely another infection that is bothering your fish.


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