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Bacterial Infections

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Unfortunately bacterial infections are very common in Tropical Fish. They can be a very deadly disease especially if left untreated. Bacterial infections cause diseases which can infect the body of the fish and spread rapidly to the point where the fins and other extremities can begin to deteriorate.

Poor water quality is a leading cause of bacterial infections in fish. If you suspect that your fish may have a bacterial infection the first step would be to take a water sample to your local pet shop or veternarian to have it tested.

If your fish appears to have red inflamed areas on the outer body it may very well have a bacterial infection. Beware that bacterial infections can spread rapidly to all other fish that are housed in the same aquarium. The first thing that you should do after you confirmed a bacteria infection is move all the fish out of the original tank and quarantine the infected ones. From there it is suggested that you disinfect entirely the original tank and all items inside of it before moving the fish back. Do not move the infected fish back into the general population until you are sure you have eliminated their infections.


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