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Tips for Buying your First Tropical Fish

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- Do not buy a fish from an aquarium where dead or dying fish are. Chances are there are health issues already present in these aquariums that have likely infected even the fish that appear healthy.

- Before buying a fish be sure to inspect its physical condition and avoid ones with any visible damage. Our beginner tips page goes into more detail about this point.

- It is important not to add many fish to one aquarium at the same time. They will almost certainly fall victim to new tank syndrome. Adding that many fish can also disrupt the balance of the aquarium.

- For the first few days after setting up an aquarium and adding fish it is vital that you do not overfeed them. Overfeeding your tropical fish causes the tank to become polluted during this very unstable time. Overfeeding can also cause significant growth of algae which can be damaging to the new fish.


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