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Cloudy Aquarium Water

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If the water in your aquarium has gotten cloudy or has a green tinge to it you most likely have an abundance of algae growth inside. Generally this will not negatively harm your fish, however it is very unpleasant to the human eye. Over time if the algae growth continues it can become harmful to the fish.

Replacing some of the water over the course of a few days will help alleviate this problem. Approximately 25% of the water should be changed daily until the water clears up. Furthermore, during this time you should try to put a bit less food in the tank as any excess food will only promote algae growth. Lastly, try leaving the tank light off as much as possible. Together this should be enough to clear your tank up over the course of a few days.

If all else fails there are some additives that you can buy from your local pet store that usually clean the algae up fairly quickly. It is important however that you determine the root cause of your algae growth before it starts again. If you keep the aquarium in the line of direct sunlight that is most likely the cause for this algae growth.


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