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Beginner Tips for Tropical Fish Caregivers

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- Always inspect a fish before you buy it to check for any physical damage. Most pet stores do not do this for you and it is important that you do not start off with a fish that is already injured. If you bring a new fish into your aquarium that already has a disease or infection it is likely to spread it to your other fish.

- Ensure that the different fish you buy are compatible with each other. Putting incompatible fish together is a common mistake and will likely result in one eating the other.

- Read as much as you can about the fish you wish to buy so you understand beforehand the food to feed it and the water conditions it requires. Temperature is also a major concern as tropical fish generally have low tolerances when it comes to water temperature.

- Regularly monitor your fish for signs of diseases. Many parasitic infections such as whitespot and velvet disease have very little signs before it is too late. You will also need to monitor the activities of the fish because changes in behaviour can often indicate a health problem.


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