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Setting up your Aquarium for Tropical Fish

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- When selecting a location for your aquarium make sure that it is on a sturdy piece of furniture capable of handling the weight of an aquarium. With large aquariums you will also need to be sure that the floor can handle the weight because when filled with water then can weigh a fair bit.

- Do not place the aquarium in a place where it will receive excess sunlight. Sunlight will definetely increase the rate at which algae grows in your tank, requiring frequent cleanings of the aquarium. The incoming sunlight will also make it difficult to maintain an appropriate temperature inside the aquarium. In order to ease the process of maintaining a stable temperature place the tank away from windows, doors, vents and radiators.

- Place the tank in an area that does not have people walking around it all the time or in an area in which doors are opened or closed. All of these actions cause vibrations which will disturb your tropical fish. Fish are very sensitive to vibrations in the water and it can cause them considerable discomfort.


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