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Tropical Fish


Tropical Fish Picture

There are many species of Tropical Fish found in aquariums around the world. While all Tropical Fish come from the water, each require different care. Learn how to care properly for your Tropical Fish. You can read over our care sheets, view our Tropical Fish pictures and browse through our other Tropical Fish information.

Tropical Fish Sections

Diseases Pictures  

Tropical Fish Information

Check back for more Tropical Fish information in the coming days and weeks. Our Tropical Fish section is growing all the time with new care sheets and Tropical Fish pictures.

Tropical Fish Pictures

We have a large collection of tropical fish pictures. In our opinion Tropical Fish are some of the most wonderful types of animals to look at due to their unique color and patterns covering their bodies. If you keep Tropical Fish yourself we would love to obtain your pictures to post on our website in the tropical fish pictures section. Visit our pet contact page for more information about getting in touch with us.

Recent Tropical Fish Updates

May 07/07 We have also made improvements to our fish care tips.
May 07/07 Read through our new tropical fish health information.
Apr 20/07 Learn more about the small but bright Yellow Clown Goby.
Apr 18/07 Read about a condition in tropical fish known as Dropsy.
Mar 27/07 You can now see pictures of the Hatchetfish, Pearl Danio, Pencil Fish, Redtail Catfish, Schwartz's Catfish and Upside-down Catfish.
Feb 07/07 More pictures have been added in the Tropical Fish Pictures area.
Feb 02/07 Tropical Fish who have Bacterial Infections can be in danger.
Jan 23/07 We have made several updates to our Tropical Fish diseases page.
Jan 15/07 The Bumblebee catfish has been added to our Tropical Fish pictures section.

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