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Snake Enclosure

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Unlike lizards, snakes do not need a tremendous amount of space to be healthy. This because they are far more docile than other reptiles. They do however require space to stretch out, and thats a good starting point. If your snake can stretch out, your enclosure is large enough.

A glass aquarium works best, as snakes become stressed and/or injured trying to escape from screen enclosures. Make sure that any and all doors into the enclosure are 100% secure, as snakes have a habit of escaping from any enclosure.

You also need to include several items for the snake. These include a large, heavy pan for water, branches for climbing (many snakes will use branches to stretch out if they are provided), and hiding places (cork bark works well). When snakes feel stressed they will look for a place to hide and relax. You will want to provide more than one hiding place for the snake so it can choose its favorite. When your snake is shedding its skin you will want to provide it with a shed box. A shed box is basically a box with a single opening that will have a high level of humidity.


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