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Shedding Snake Skin

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Shedding skin in a common thing for all snakes. Their behaviour may differ from snake to snake, but the end result is the same. In general, snakes will get a milky appearance to their skin and eyes. This is completely normal for a snake that is about to shed.

The shedding process takes time, and again, it will be different from snake to snake. The average time it takes is roughly 13 days. It can be anywhere from 7 to 15 days though. Always provide your snake fresh and clean water during this time. The snake will soak itself in the water to loosen the old skin. Increased humidity at all times will aid in the shedding process because it will also help to loosen the old skin.

Always remember, it is not a wise decision to feed or pick up your snake while they are shedding skin. If you notice that your snake is having problems shedding its skin you will want to take it to a veterinarian because the shedding process can cause a great deal of stress to the snake.


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