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Problems When Feeding

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When your snake is not eating properly or does not go after it's food when time to feed, there may be a problem. The important thing to do is to watch your snakes behaviour. It can be as simple as an item in the habitat stresing the snake, or something as bad as a disease.

If you are housing snakes together, seperate them. Sometimes multiple snakes can stress each other out. Stress is a large concern for the health of snakes, and reptiles in general. Stress also plays a large role in the feeding habits of snakes.

Temperature and lighting play significant roles as well. Snakes need to thermoregulate, and keeping the temperature at the proper levels for your snake is needed. If they can not thermoregulate properly, they may not be able to digest their food properly. The humidity of the enclosure also plays a role here. Check all the temperature and humidity levels.

Make sure your snake is not shedding. Snakes rarely eat when they are in their shedding stage. If your snake is a female, there is also the possibility that your snake is gravid. You will want to have the snake checked out to make sure because if it is in fact gravid it will need to be looked at as soon as possible.

If everything else fails, take your snake to the vet. You should be doing this anyway, to catch any problems that may arise, and to keep your snakes healthy and happy.


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