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Water Requirements for Snakes

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All snakes require some level of water, and this should be provided all day, every day. Most snakes will use the container for soaking and/or bathing in. For this purpose, the container must be large enough to hold the entire snake, and heavy enough to not tip over. They will most likely not drink very often, but will intermittently. For both of these purposes, it is very important to change the water daily. Also remove any debris (substrate, shed skin, animal matter, feces, etc.) from the water as soon as you see it. Feces is expecially important to remove as it can develop bacteria, which in turn infects the water, and then the snake. Also, remove and thoroughly clean the water container every other day. The spillage of water will also create a damp area around the water dish that you will need to dry up. This will likely involve the changing of the substrate in this area. It is important to keep the habitat dry to avoid the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Water also raises the humidity of the enclosure, and you can use it to maintain or change the levels. This is a great way to raise the humidity of a snakes enclosure if you are having difficulties doing so through other ways.


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