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Trichomoniasis is a type of parasite, one that is highly recognizable. They are found in the stool of snakes. When you suspect that your snake may have some sort of a health problem you should always check its stool. The stool of your pet snake can tell alot about what health issues are affecting it.

The most common cause of Trichomoniasis is from mice and rats. These rodents often carry parasites that can damage your snake. This is also a reason why you should never feed your snake wild caught rodents. When snakes have Trichomoniasis, they also often suffer from a secondary condition, like amebiasis or a bacterial disease. Only feed your snake rodents that were specifically grown to be used as feeder rodents.

The best method of treating parasites, and Trichomoniasis specifically, is to take it to the veterinarian. They will administer an antibiotic, which is fairly successful of ridding your snake of the parasite. Be sure that you take action as soon as you suspect there may be a problem because this will cause the least amount of long term damage to your snake. It will also allow the snake to be treated before its stress level builds up to a dangerous point.



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