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Snakes with Stomatitis

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The word stomatitis refers to an inflammation of the snakes mouth. Stomatitis can effect all types of animals but it is by far most common in snakes. Usually the condition will start in one part of the mouth but will quickly spread to the gums, tongue and the roof of the mouth.

Stomatitis creates a white, thick substance in the mouth. Your snake will possibly lose teeth over time because stomatitis will infect the gums and cause the teeth to loosen. It is highly likely that the snake will stop eating if the stomatitis is allowed to progress without treatment. It will not eat because it is simply too painful to put anything in its mouth.

Antibiotics are most often necessary to clear up the infection. Your veterinarian will be able to guide you on the appropriate steps to take to ensure the stomatitis subsides and that minimal damage is caused to your snake. You may need to modify the snakes habitat in order to aid rehabilitation.


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