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Snakes that have been Attacked by Rodents

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It is always advisable not to feed live rats or mice to your snake. They can easily injure your snake by biting it. Although the snake is obviously much larger than the rodent that you would be feeding it, the rodent can still cause considerable harm to the snake as it fights for its life. The most common kind of injury is bites and scratches. The teeth of most mice are very shark which can certainly cut into the skin of your snake.

You should never feed your snake rodents that have come from the wild. More often then not these rodents will be infected with some sort of a parasite or disease that can be transferred to your snake. The most common way they can be transported to your snake is through biting it but some diseases can even be transferred just by the snake eating the rodent.

If the wound is serious it will be necessary to take your snake to the veterinarian. The veterinarian will ensure that the snake is bandaged up properly and that the wound is not yet infected. Even if it is just a small wound you will still need to be very careful in ensuring that the wound does not become infected. Infections to your snake can cause serious side effects and may require subsequent visits to the veterinarian.

The two most important thing you can do to avoid these injuries is to resist the temptation to feed your snake live rodents and never use wild rodents.


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