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Snakes with Retained Eye Caps

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Most often retained eye caps are a result of improper shedding. When a snake sheds its skin it is also supposed to shed the outter most layer of the corneas as well. This area is one of the most difficult for the snake to shed and can oftentimes cause your snake problems. For more information about snakes shedding their skin we have provided an article dedicated to just that.

The only way to remove this is to first soften the retained eye caps with some sort of eye drops. Then they must be carefully removed from the snake. The longer this condition progresses, the more stress you will cause to your snake. Providing your snake with a proper shed box with a high level of humidity can help them not only in shedding their eye caps but shedding in general.

CAUTION: this should only be attemped by a trained veternarian as you can cause serious eye injuries to your snake if it is not done properly.


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