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Snakes with Respiratory Diseases

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If your snake has a respiratory disease it will be having trouble breathing. When snakes have troubles breathing they usually keep their mouth open to assist with their breathing. Respiratory diseases may also be accompanied by a brown or yellow mucus in its mouth and/or nostrils.

Poor ventilation is one of the primary causes of breathing problems in snakes. Improper humidity or temperature levels can also promote breathing issues. The first thing you should do when you suspect a respiratory disease may exist is verify that the temperature and humidity levels are appropriate for your species of snake. Snakes are very sensitive when it comes to conditions inside their enclosure and improper conditions can lead to a whole range of health issues. You may wish to review our snake care sheets to obtain this information. Snakes that are kept in an aquarium with a solid lid on it may be having problems with the air circulation.

Some types of infections and parasites can also cause respiratory diseases. In these cases the breathing problems are merely a sign of a more serious infection or disease. When a snake cannot breathe freely it will most likely have trouble eating. This can cause the snake to fast for long periods of time which obviously can lead to further health complications if it is prolonged.

A trip to the local veterinarian is usually in order for these types of problems as they can be hard to diagnos and reach the root cause of the issue.


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