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Snakes with Eye Infections

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Occassionaly while in captivity a snake will obtain an eye infection. The most common signs of eye infections include cloudy or sunken eyes. If you wish to catch eye infections early on it is important that you closely monitor the eyes of your snake for any changes. That way you will be able to get your snake the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Eye infections that go on without treatment can cause longterm problems with the snakes eyesight.

Superficial infections to your snakes eye can by injury to the eye or even from retained eye caps. In these cases it is necessary to treat this immediately so it does not spread througout the eye or even into the snakes body.

Non-superficial infections can also originate at the snakes body and propagate to the eye. The eyes of a snake also can give you early signs as to other diseases or health problems that your snake may be experiencing.

In either case the assitance of a veternarian is almost always required. The veterinarian will be able to determine if it is only the eyes of the snake that are affected or if there may be a body-wide infection.


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