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Snakes with Dermatitis

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When a snake has dermatitis it will shed its skin far too quickly. You may also notice irritated portions of its body that may appear to be inflammed. If you leave the dermatitis untreated these irritated portions of its body will quickly blister. If the snake is left even longer these blisters can form open wounds due to the snake rubbing its body on objects in its enclosure.

Dermatitis normally occurs from a dirty enclosure and a humidity level that is too high. Having a higher than normal humidity level is not a bad idea when the snake is shedding its skin but monitor it closely to ensure it does not rise too high. One of the best ways to do this is to provide the snake with a humid hide box, that way the snake can leave it if it feels too humid.

If you notice signs of dermatitis you can first try cleaning the cage and lowering the humidity. However if the problem persists, please take your snake to your veterinarian immediately.


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