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Snakes with Cuts & Abrasions

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Sometimes when a live rodent is fed to a snake the rodent will attack the snake during the course of its struggles. Minor wounds are not of major concern, however anything more serious requires a trip to the vet to have the snake checked out.

While in captivity it is not uncommon for the snake to repeatedly make attempts to escape. Often injuries will occur as a result. Snakes have a strong tendency to rub their nose along the habitat while looking for an escape route. Over time this can cause damage to the skin on the nose.

Veterinarian assistance will be required if any wound looks serious enough or does not begin to heal immediately after the injury occurs. To help prevent your snake from trying to escape ensure that there is adequate hiding places for your snake to feel safe. Also, monitor its activities so that you will quickly notice any changes in the way it is acting. That way you will be able to make the necessary modifications to their habitat before the snake injures itself. The most important time to monitor its behavior is after you have moved the snake or it has sustained another injury or infection. At these times the snake will already have a heightened level of stress.


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