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Snakes with Burns

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Most burns that occur with snakes are preventable. Heat rocks are a major source of burns as reptiles are unable to feel heat at a specific part of their body. Instead they feel the overall heat of their body and do not realize they are being burnt. This causes the burn to be much more severe. For this reason heat rocks should never be used in the habitat of a reptile. Many reptile keepers like the idea of heat rocks because it makes it easier to provide the necessary heat in the enclosure but the risk of burns is far too great to make them worthwhile.

If your snake has been burnt it is highly advisable to take it to the veternarian to be looked at. That way the veterinarian will be able to properly diganose the severity of the burn and suggest the appropriate treatment. The veterinarian will also be able to properly dress the wound to reduce the risk of infection. They may also give the snake antibiotics if they feel infection is likely. Afterwards periodic redressing of the wound will be necessary to ensure it does not become infected. While the snake is healing be care


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