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Snakes with Blisters

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Blisters commonly form on captive snakes. Primarily moist, dirty and unkept living conditions will cause blisters to form on your snake. The first sign of blisters is red or irritated areas appear on the scales of the snake. As the condition progresses fungi can begin to form which will can actually infect the snake with other diseases.

If you think your snake is starting to form blisters contact a veterinarian immediately. If treated early enough this disease will not cause any long term harm to your snake, however if left untreated this can cause very serious complications due to infectious fungi. After you have taken the snake to the veterinarian it is important to rectify the situation in the snakes living quarters that caused the blisters to form in the first case. Clean the cage entirely and make sure that it is kept clean and most importantly dry.

There may also be objects in the enclosure that irritate the skin of the snake as it rubs against them. High levels of stress could also play a role in the formation of blisters as snakes have a tendency to frantically move around their cage when they feel frightened. During these times they are not as careful as normal as to what they rub up against.

If you take these steps you can significantly reduce the risk of blisters forming on your snake in the future.


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