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Snakes that are Shedding Abnormally

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Although abnormal shedding can be dangerous on its own the larger problem is that it indicates something more serious could be wrong with the snake. This is usually the cause of an abnormal shed. Often if your snake is feeling more stress than usual it will have great difficultly shedding its skin. This increased stress can be due to a variety of reasons but sudden changes to its habitat are most likely the cause.

The second major reason for your snake having problems shedding its skin is improper temperature and humidity conditions. The humidity level of its habitat plays a large role in assisting it when shedding. It is always a good idea to increase the humidity of their enclosure when it is time for your snake to shed. Do not make the humidity too high or else other health complications can ensue. You can also provide your snake with a high-humidity hide box that it can go into during its shed.

Possible Causes
- Lack of objects for the snake to rub against
- Previous external wounds and scars
- Internal diseases
- Parasites
- Humidity level which is too low.

To remove the excess skin soak the snake in warm water for a couple hours. The dead skin should can then be peeled off with a damp towel. The process can be repeated as necessary to entirely remove the dead skin. Beware that handling your snake like this is likely to cause it a great deal of stress so be sure to take this into account when performing this procedure.


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