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Western Worm Snake Care Sheet

Carphophis vermis

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The Western Worm Snake is not for beginners, as they rarely uncover themselves from the ground. They are fairly small snakes, with smooth scales covering their dark coloured bodies. When handling a Western Worm Snake you must be particularly careful to support the full body of the snake and avoid any sudden movements. This is needed when handling any type of snake.
Natural Location: Eastern-Central USA
Estimated Size: 7" - 14"

Feeding & Water

Earthworms are the main food source for the Western Worm Snake. These can easily be found in a garden, or on the sidewalks during a warm rainy day. You can also purchase them in bait stores. They will also eat spiders and caterpillars. Provide them with a large water dish, big enough for them to soak.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

Keep the daytime temperatures around 80 degrees F, with night time temperatures reaching around 67 degrees F. Only heat one side of the enclosure to provide a temperature gradient which the Western Worm Snake will use to self-regulate its body temperature. The humidity levels should be maintained around 60%. Western Worm Snakes do not need full spectrum lighting. The light source should be turned on for 12 hours and then off for 12 hours, with that cycle repeating itself each day.



A 2' x 3' enclosure will do fine for a Western Worm Snake. You must provide a deep, mulch type substrate like peat moss or sphagnum moss. These snakes are burrowers, and will spend most of their time underground. Give them a branch however, for basking, and hide boxes on the ground.


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