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Sand Boa Care Sheet

Eryx Conicus

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Sand Boas are easy to care and are nocturnal meaning they sleep during the night. The coloring of a Sand Boa varies greatly depending on which location it originates from. In the wild Sand Boas consume mostly rodents, however if they can catch a bird or lizard they will also eat those. Sand Boa Picture
Natural Location: Europe, Asia & Africa
Average Lifespan: 20 - 35 years
Estimated Size: 2' to 4'

Feeding & Water

Sand Boas eat frozen-thawed rodents which are warmed up to room temperature. Adults should be fed as needed or approximately every 2 weeks. Juveniles should be fed once or twice per week. It is very important not to leave live rodents unattended with your snake as they can injure and even kill your snake.

It is neccessary to change the water daily and the container that it is kept in should be large enough for the snake to bathe in. Since Sand Boas to bathe in their water dish the water will become dirty fairly fast.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

A ceramic heater or incandescent light should be used as the main heating source. Provide your sand boa with a heat gradient from 75 degrees F to 90 degrees F. 10-12 hours of light per day is optimal for your Sand Boa. Ensure that you maintain a strict lighting schedule and do not deviate from that just to view your snake at night.


Anywhere between a 10 & 20 gallon terrarium is sufficient for your Sand Boa depending on its age/size. Soft material should be used as the substrate so that your snakes skin does not become irritated. The substrate should be at least 4 inches deep (enough so that your snake can bury itself in the substrate). They also must be provided with a hiding place that their entire body can fit into. This will aid in the shedding process.


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