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King Snake Care Sheet

Lampropeltis spp

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King snakes are smooth scaled snakes which appear in a variety of colors.

King Snakes are constrictors and are immune to some snake venoms.

Natural Location: North America
Average Lifespan: 10 to 15 years
Estimated Size: 3' to 4'

Feeding & Water

While your King Snake is still at the juvenile stage you can feed it smaller mice. As it grows you can move up to fuzzy mice and smaller rats.

A large bowl of fresh water should be provided for your King Snake. This water will need to be replaced daily to ensure it is always clean. Many snakes will also use the water to soak in, especially before it sheds.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

The recommened temperature gradient for a King Snake is 75 degrees F to 85 degrees F. You can use two thermometers in the enclosure to ensure the temperature gradient remains constant.

A King Snakes habitat does not need to be extremely humid however you should mist the enclosure if the humidity gets too low.



A 20 gallon aquarium is generally sufficient to house a King Snake, however if the snake grows larger than usual you may need something larger. As is the case with most snakes a secure lid will be needed to ensure your snake does not escape.

As for a substrate, newspaper is probably the easiest to clean although it does not look very appealing. Reptile carpet or aquarium gravel can be substituted. Having a hid box for your snake is a very good idea, it may use this in times of stress or when it is shedding.

Daily cleaning of the enclosure is a good idea, and a thorough weekly cleaning is essential. It is advisable to move the snake to an alternate enclosure while the weekly cleaning takes place.

You cannot place two King Snakes in the same enclosure as they will eat each other.


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