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Kenyan Sand Boa Care Sheet

Eryx colubrinus loveridgei

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Description: The Kenyan Sand Boa is normally orange-brown in colour, with a tan to white belly. They have small heads, short tails, and large bodies.
Natural Location: Eastern Africa
Average Lifespan: More than 15 years
Estimated Size: Males: 15", Females: 32"

Feeding & Water

Feed your Kenyan Sand Boa once a week. Juvenile Sand Boas can be fed pinky mice, and adults can be fed adult rats. Make sure the rats are frozen-thawed, as live rodents can seriously harm a snake. Provide a heavy, shallow dish which can not be tipped over. The snake will drink and soak in the dish. Clean and change the water daily.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

Keep a gradient temperature ranging from 80 degrees F to 95 degrees F. Night time temperatures should be kept around 73 degrees F. Use incandescent bulbs or ceramic heat emitter to supply the heat for your Kenyan Sand Boa. Use a full spectrum flourescent bulb, 12 hours a day for lighting.



A 20 gallon aquarium is good for a female Kenyan Sand Boa. A 10 gallon tank is good for a male. A larger space is always a good idea, so if you have the room, give it to your Boa. Use potting soil or playsand to provide a substrate about 4 inches deep. Your Kenyan Sand Boa will burrow into the substrate.



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