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Jungle Carpet Python Care Sheet

Morelia spilota cheyneib

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The Jungle Carpet Python has one of the smallest ranges of all Carpet Pythons. They have incredibly bright yellow and black colouration.
Natural Location: Queensland, Australia
Average Lifespan: 20 - 30 years
Estimated Size: 4' - 7'

Feeding & Water

Young Jungle Carpet Pythons can be fed weekly, giving them pinky mice or small rats. Adults can be fed adult mice and large rats. If you Jungle Carpet Python is large enough, they can be fed small rabbits as well. Feed them frozen then thawed food, as live rodents can seriously harm your snake. Always provide water, in a large and heavy container. Clean the water every day.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

Provide a heat gradient for your Jungle Carpet Python ranging from 75 degrees F to 85 degrees F. Keep the lights on a 12 hour cycle. Night time temperatures should be kept around 70 degrees F. UVB lighting is not needed, but flourescent lights, as well as incandescent bulbs, are recommended. Keep the humidity level around 65%.



A 40 gallon aquarium style tank will suffice for an adult Jungle Carpet Python, but larger is always best. Provide them lots of branches for climbing, as this species is aboreal. As with most snakes, hide boxes must be included, but they are better when elevated. For ease of cleaning, use newspaper or reptile carpet as a substrate. You can also use potting soil or peat moss though.



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