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Blood Python Care Sheet

Python curtus

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Blood Pythons naturally inhabit marsh, swamp and rain forest areas. Their thick bodies make them perfect for squeezing their prey. Blood Pythons are red in colour, with yellow or orange highlights.

Blood Python Picture
Natural Location: Malaysia and Sumatra
Average Lifespan: 20 or more years if properly kept
Estimated Size: 5' to 7' when full grown

Feeding & Water

Always provide your Blood Python a large and heavy water dish for the snake to drink, and soak in. Make sure they can not tip it over. Change the water and clean the water dish every day. Feed your Blood Python once a week, using frozen, then thawed rodents. As they grow older you may not even need to feed them on a weekly basis.


Temperature, Lighting & Humidity

During the day, keep your Blood Pythons enclosure between 85 degrees F to 88 degrees F. Drop the temperature at night to 70 degrees F to 75 degrees F. Blood Pythons like a relatively high humidity level, so keep it around 80%. Misting the enclosure will aid in keeping the humidity at this level. Ensure your Blood Python has a good source of full-spectrum lighting available to it.



A good minimum size to work from is 4' x 2' x 2'. Remember, a larger habitat is always better. These are large snakes and need a lot of room. A glass aquarium with a well ventilated top works well. You can also make a full-screen enclosure, but make sure it is very strong and secure. Provide them with newpaper or a mulch type substrate.


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